New Report Reveals Urgent Zoonotic Disease Threats from Cockfighting to Avian Wellness and Agriculture
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Nike Grossly Fails Test of Social Responsibility by Driving Mass Slaughter of Kangaroos for Soccer-Cleat Manufacturing
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The Animal Milk Mandate in Our Nation’s Schools
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Fighting and Winning for All Animals
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Congress Eliminates 1930’s Animal-Testing Requirement
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Kangaroos are not shoes


Biden Signs Five Animal Protection Measures into Law

State Legislation Introduced to Stop Nike from Driving the Slaughter of Kangaroos in Their Native Habitats in Australia

President Joe Biden Signs Big Cat Public Safety Act Into Law

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Anja Heister book cover

Anja Heister, Ph.D., a researcher, writer and life-long animal rights activist, talks about her new book and the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation,  which is more a set of tenets that benefits "sportsmen" who take advantage of the model to hunt, trap and poison their way through much of our wildlife population.

From Lethal to Compassionate Conservation:

The North American Model and How We Can Do Better

dog behind barbed wire

The ACE Act would create an animal cruelty crimes section at the Department of Justice.  Identifying and prosecuting individuals who hurt animals will help stop them from hurting people later.

willd mustangs on hilltop

Last year, the Bureau of Land Management released a plan showing the intent to conduct massive roundups, which is a prescription for horse slaughter. The National Cattlemen's Beef Association's enthusiasm for the plan is telling, given that it has been leading the push to reopen U.S. horse slaughter plants.

Play Video about kangaroo face

We throw the curtain back on the mass slaughter of more than 2 million kangaroos a year — and sign our petition to tell Nike to stop the slaughter.


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